Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Review

The Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is one of the top-rated and most-loved kettlebell available on the market, packing several features and benefits that make it versatile, easy to use and ideal for power lifters.

Solid Cast Iron Kettbell Based on our own experience with the product, as well as other customers’, here is our complete review of the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell, starting right with its features and specs.

Features and Specifications of the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

  • Available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65 pounds, enabling power lifters to gradually improve their performance and gain more endurance and strength
  • Textured wide handle that has been specifically implemented to provide better grip, so that users can properly lift it without losing balance, thus preventing undesired accidents
  • Manufactured using solid cast iron, which is more resistant and durable as compared to other materials
  • Available in black color, and painted to protect kettlebells from elements
  • 5-year warranty on both workmanship and materials, allowing customers to have it repaired or replaced in the event of an inconvenience that resulted due to factory defects
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which enables customers to claim their money back within 30 day after the purchase if they are not satisfied with the product

Pros of the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

When talking about the pros of this Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell, there is a lot to say in regard to its excellent functioning and many features that make it such a versatile kettlebell for all customers.

In the first place, this item is available in 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65 pounds, which can be individually purchased by customers depending on their needs.

This is primarily advantageous because power lifters (and other consumers planning to use kettlebells to enrich their training routine) will be able to gradually add more weight and improve their performance, thus gaining more strength and endurance at the same time.

The textured wide handle is very ingenious, especially since power lifters will be able to properly grab the kettlebell and avoid dropping it on the floor, thus preventing Solid Cast Iron Kettbell many undesired accidents.

The handle is pretty much the same in width regardless of the weight you opt for, which makes it suitable for any power lifter. Moreover, this kettlebell can be used for anything from pulling, pressing and swinging, which makes it very cost-effective, as compared to similar products.

Something that will make customers very happy about choosing the Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell instead of other items of its kind is the excellent quality solid cast iron it is made from. Not only does it make the kettlebell more resistant, but it also makes it more durable if customers accidentally drop it on tough surfaces, preventing scratches and other damage.

You only need to look at its first three features and you will undoubtedly love this kettlebell. It is convenient, easy to handle, very cheap and it does not have many aspects to complain about.

Cons of the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

There is not much to say about the drawbacks of this kettlebell.

So far, the product has received very few negative reviews, most of them talking about the width of the handle. While some customers claimed that the handle was too large, others found it way too small, which prevented them from properly pull, press and swing the kettlebell appropriately for training out as needed.

Another customer reported that the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell was covered with grease right from the box, with the paint flaking off. While this is not a common happening with these kettlebells, there is still a good chance that you might be dealing with this problem, but mostly if you accidentally buy a product coming from a defective lot.


The Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell is certainly an extremely good kettlebell for every customer that plans to use such an item for his workout or power lifting purposes, with its great rating of 4/6 out of 5 stars.

If you are hitting on a quality kettbell that comes at an affordable price, this product will be the most suitable and versatile option on the market. Not only can it help you gain endurance and strength, but it can also allow you to gradually bring improvements to your performance over time.
The product is currently available at a discounted price, which makes it more appropriate for those customers with less room in their budget.

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Customer Reviews on the Single Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell

ICS (Pennsylvania, US):

“I could not ask more from this seller as the kettlebell bell came well before it was scheduled, well worth the money looked and felt fantastic when working out. I looked at many (probably 20 different sellers of kettlebells online and in sports-goods-shops) 30lb kettlebells and this was the cheapest overall with the shipping. It was well packaged in two boxes: one box in the other with the kettlebell placed in the inner box. I will definitely recommend this…”

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G. Otero “Spearworld” (Los Angeles):

“I have discovered the kettlebell! I use it three times a week. The kettlebell itself is small but I can get both my hands on the top to do…”

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dan malfreddy “danny” (denver,co):

” I wanted to see how tough these things really were. I have heard many things online about cast iron vs real steel kettlebells. Throwing exercises are very beneficial so I wanted to be able to throw a kettelbell without worrying about it breaking. These were cheap enough to do the test with so I got a 20 and 25 pound kettlebell. I started out just dropping them from waist height on to grass then gradually raised them up above my head,no problems. I then moved to the street/asphalt and did the same routine,no problems. After that I did some light throws over my head on to the street,got scuffed up but no other problems. I then threw them full power over my head on to the street (probably 20-30+ feet throws),again besides scuffing up they didn’t break or anything else.

Now it was time for some real hard material,concrete. I did the drop test as I did earlier and they held up fine. Then I decided to drop the 25lb bell handle down from about chest height,the handle broke in two pieces. I figured that was the limit and didn’t test the other one like that. I think the reason the handle didn’t break before was because the weight is heavier at the bottom which pulls that to the ground first and the street is softer. Real steel bells would not break no matter what because they have more flex,they would bend or dent. Cast iron is really strong and hard but also brittle,it won’t bend it will break. These bells will last a lifetime if used normally or thrown…”

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