Rowing Machine Posture

Rowing Machine Posture

Rowing Machine Posture Guide

A good rowing machine posture really is essential to make the most of your workouts and probably more importantly to prevent any injuries. So what is the right posture for rowing and how should you prepare your body to get the most out of this exercise?

Stretch before rowing

As with any exercise, a few minutes stretching before and after exercise can prevent any new injuries and stop previous ‘niggles’ reoccurring. This great video from ‘The Spine Solutions‘ includes all the stretching you’ll need to enjoy your workout; ideally you should be looking for at least 5 mins of stretching.

It’s all about the rowing machine posture!

The important thing here is not to slouch!


  • Keep your back straight, no slouching.
  •  Sitting back slightly, allow your pelvis to rise.
  •  As you go into the rowing action, remember to keep the arms slightly bent at the elbows (important not to lock the arms).
  •  Go with a natural rowing action, moving the pelvis and the muscles around it as you move forward and back on the rower.
  •  Make sure the back is straight when you ‘catch’ the movement; this is where you are nearest to the rower and about to go rearwards again.

Rowing Machine Posture Summary

Stretching and good posture are essential in rowing. It really is worth taking a bit of time to get used to this before progressing onto to some serious workouts. This author is as guilty as the next person of skipping a simple bit of stretching and slouching on the rower, only to find themselves out of action for the next 3 weeks because they have pulled a muscle or trapped a nerve in one of various parts of the body!

Do the stretches, watch that back, enjoy the row.

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