Popular Kettlebell Exercises

So what are the most popular Kettlebell Exercises?

Kettlebell exercises are categorized as either grinds or ballistics. Grinds are slow, methodical movements, while ballistics are faster paced In order to get good at ballistics, you need to develop an understanding of the grinds movements.

Before you get to any of that, you need to learn how to properly dead lift a kettlebell. That means keeping your head up and you back straight when you bend over to grab the popular kettlebell exerciseweight. Allow your legs, not your back, to do all the hard work.

From there, you can move on to squats, of which you have a number of options. The basic squat sees you keeping a straight back and bending your legs to achieve a sitting position. The kettlebells are held at your side and act as resistance of sorts as you move into the seated position.

If that all seems a little too simple, you can try another squat exercise. This one requires you to maintain the kettlebell at shoulder height as you lower your body to the sitting position. The full squat has you moving the kettlebells overhead until your arms lock. Each different squat has a corresponding kettlebell movement.

popular kettlebell exercisePart of your routine may involve swings, which is when the kettlebell starts off between your feet. The next move is to swing the weight backward in a football spiking motion, followed by pulling the kettlebell forward as you move into a standing position.

A snatch involves movements that are similar to the swing, with the main difference being that the kettlebell position will end over your head. This takes some real practice, as the kettlebell will often flip over and hit your wrist during this movement. Learning how to properly hold and maneuver the handle will prevent this happening.

Another common movement is called the kettlebell clean. The move starts with the weight between your feet again and popular kettlebell exercisescommences with a backward movement like in the swing and snatch. Instead of swinging it out, you bring the kettlebell up and into your body in a fashion that is somewhat similar to a curl, without the curling movement.

Each of the aforementioned exercises falls under the kettlebell basics. Once you get the hang of these, you can then start searching out more of the advanced movements, all of which are basically based off of these simple moves.

There are a few, such as the Turkish Get Up, which fall outside what you will have learned in the basic kettlebell movements.

How about this 20 Minute Kettlebell BootCamp Workout Video?

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