Kettlebells for Women

Kettlebells for Women

How good are Kettlebells for Women?

It goes without saying that women and men have bodies that are different. Biology aside, the way in which each gender shapes their bodies through exercise is thus also different. The average guy is usually looking for bulk, while women prefer slimming and toning.

When women choose kettlebells, they will need to look for something a little different than what men shop for. If exercising at home, the kettlebell training DVD you choose will also be different, as the routines that you perform will vary from what the guys do.

Kettlebells for WomenThe good news for the ladies is that there are a ton of great training DVD’s out there, out together by top fitness experts like Kathy Smith, Bob Harper, and Jillian Michaels. They all take a step by step approach to getting in shape use kettlebells.

The subject matter of the DVD’s fall into different categories. Some have routines designed for cardio and fat loss, while others focus in ballistic training. The latter option is for those looking to build strength through kettlebell training.

There are even kettlebell training DVD’s made specifically for pregnant women. These are a great way to stay in shape during your 9 months of pregnancy, whilst also helping you get your body back in shape after the birth of your baby.

Another great benefit of these DVD’s is that the routines are often broken down into short 6-minute kettlebell training bursts. This is great for women who have a busy work schedule, or who have little ones to look after at home.

While most women adopt kettlebell training routines to lose weight, the fact is that there are actually a number of benefits that you can get from this kettlebells for womentype of training.

Strong bones and joints are an added benefit that comes with kettlebell training. The good news for women is that strength is delivered without having to bulk up.

While it was traditionally a training exercise for men, more and more women are now hopping aboard the kettlebell train, with everyone from celebrities to senior citizens all getting in on the act.

Runners in particular have adopted the training routine, as it’s a great way to build strength and endurance for longer distances.

Women who use kettlebells often end up feeling a greater sense of power, as they don’t have to rely on help to carry larger objects or open those jars that have lids which seem to be welded on.

It’s almost like having a whole new stronger body that still looks incredibly feminine.

Checkout this great video which shows some Beginner Kettlebell Exercises for Women:

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