Why are Kettlebells Hot?

There is no piece of fitness equipment hotter right now than the kettlebell. Men and women alike have switched their weight workouts to include the kettlebell, and there are four reasons why that has happened.

So why are Kettlebells Hot?

The number one reason for the kettlebell craze is that weight loss is one the minds of more people than ever before. More and more people are crossing the line from overweight to obese, which means an increase in weight-related health problems such as diabetes.

why are kettlebells hot?Kettlebell workouts are great for weight loss because they combine two different elements. They help to build up strength in the same way as regular weight training, but faster paced ballistic movements also deliver an effective cardio workout.

If you take time to check out a kettlebell exercise class, you will see that the focus is usually on burning fat and conditioning, which means the workouts will be fast paced.

Another reason for the growing use of kettlebells is the help that it can deliver to those with back issues. People with back problems are now able to find a way to skip surgery by using kettlebells to strengthen that back and neck area.

There are still people out there who steer clear of weight training, as they fear it will hurt their back even further. What they do not realize is that, when properly used, kettlebells can relieve back pain and prevent any further instances of injury.

The workouts for kettlebell are designed to build strength in the trunk and core. Which are the areas the back draws its strength from. This only comes when exercising correctly, so you need to make sure to master the basic movements with the kettlebells.

People with a busy schedule have quickly caught on to the kettlebell craze. Kettlebell workouts are more intense and give your entire body why are kettlebells hot?a workout, which means that not as much time has to be devoted to exercise.

People with hectic schedules or with a lot of family demands can now break up their routines into several short bursts throughout the day as opposed to trying to find a spare one hour block of time. People who make that switch often report having a better quality of life.

Competitive athletes are also helping fuel the kettlebell craze. Kettlebell workouts are perfect for athletes, as they not only build strength and mass, they also help increase endurance and help with the rehabilitation process after an injury. They can also reduce the risk of injuries down the road.

By using kettlebells in their training regimen, athletes can strengthen their core, legs, arms, and back. Proper form is a must for kettlebells to be effective, which can help athletes with their performance levels.

Checkout this Kettlebell Shoulder rehab exercise from Huntington Beach Sports Therapy:

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