The Kettlebell Explained

The Kettlebell Explained

Kettlebells are usually made from cast iron and were first used in Russia. They are now one of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment available. Kettlebells can be used by men or women and are also appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The Kettlebell ExplainedIt is repetition that delivers success when working with kettlebells. Workout are generally done in short bursts with periods of rest in between to ensure recovery from the intensity. Working with kettlebells is certainly more demanding and faster paced than tradition weight workouts.

The whole body gets a workout when using kettlebells, with some of the most popular exercises being the swing, snatch, high pull, and the clean and jerk. These rather odd sounding exercise names are no laughing matter, as they are incredibly effective.

Working with Kettlebells improves your strength and your cardiovascular ability. This is achieved by the swinging movement used when working with the kettlebells, which is something you don’t get when working with traditional weights.

Once you get in the habit of using kettlebells, you’ll find that your strength and endurance will soon reach all new levels. The Kettlebell ExplainedYou will feel the benefit of the weights across your entire body, with the results of your work soon becoming very visible.

Kettlebell exercises can put a lot of strain in your back, which means you should probably not start working out if you have back issues. That said, if you use lower weights and take things easy, Kettlebells can help build the strength in you back.

Kettlebells have regularly been compared to the medicine balls of old, but the use of the handles on the weights allows for a greater level of flexibility in your exercises that you can’t get from simply lifting or catching weights.

You can choose between grind and ballistic movements when you work out. Grinds are slowed paced and meticulous, whereas ballistic movements are faster paced variants of the basic grind exercises.

The most important thing to know when you start using kettlebells is that you should choose a weight that matches your current fitness level. Kettlebells are incredibly heavy and can cause injury if your try to push it too hard at the start.

Kettlebells add a level of fun to your workout that you don’t often get when working with weights. It’s certainly more engaging than simply running on a treadmill or lifting weights, and while you will need space to work out, you don’t need a lot of space to store your kettlebells.

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