Crossfit Concept 2 Model D Rower as an ideal Cardio Equipment

Crossfit Concept 2 Model D Rower as an ideal Cardio Equipment

There is a very good reason behind why Crossfit employs a rower instead of a treadmill or a climber as its major item of cardio equipment. Today, people will come across everything else in a gymnasium space except good rowers. Crossfit has employed a rower instead of any other cardio machines. Among all its rowers, the Concept 2 Model D is the preferred choice among users. It is popular among all the other line of rowers in the market.

People feel that rowing is simply a type of cardio exercise which focuses on the upper part of the body than the lower one as in the case of spin bikes and the treadmills. It is logical to think that it is the back which will do most of the labor when there is a pulling motion involved. This assumption may be true when it is a weighted or a static cable row but it will not hold true in terms of a classic rowing machine as in the case of Concept 2 Model D. Rowing with Concept 2 Model D is not just for the upper part of the body; it is a workout for the entire body. It will help you exercise all the major muscle groups in the body. It will hit the quads, the hamstrings, the abs, the lower back, the arms and the shoulders. It will also involve the triceps and the biceps. The heart rate will definitely be elevated as there are many muscles that are being used at one time. It is a more effective workout than mere spinning or running that concentrate mostly on the lower part of the body.


An Effective Calorie Burner

Rowing with Concept 2 Model D is an effective way of burning calories. People are surprised at how a movement which involves sitting down will burn so many calories in one hour. This is an act which is challenging, metabolically. You can burn upwards of even one thousand calories in just one hour with this machine. It is not a small feat because all the muscles are in action simultaneously and in harmony to complete the strokes. In comparison, people have to push themselves very hard on treadmills to achieve this kind of a burn out and it will be the lower part of the body that will be challenged much in the case of a treadmill.

Crossfit’s Concept 2 Model D rowing machine is a worthwhile investment for the entire body. It allows you to burn more calories in less time. People can challenge themselves by rowing faster and harder. The resistance will increase once people pull harder. Cardiovascular health and the power of endurance are bound to improve once people push themselves on this rowing machine. Their overall strength will improve by leaps and bounds.

Rowing on Crossfit’s Concept 2 Model D is a safe cardio workout. It will be easy on the joints, particularly the ankles and the knees. Exercises can be performed at very high levels of endurance by almost everyone and without the fear or risk of an injury. It is great for the health of the joints as rowing will move the joints in a vast range of motions.

Since you do not have access to genuine outdoor rowing experience on a daily basis, this machine is going to compensate for that kind of exercise. It is the ideal machine for the rowing experience at home or at the gym. It is the best investment if you are seeking good health and benefits of true fitness through rowing.



Almost all the rowing machines that are commercially available are affordable. Crossfit’s Concept 2 Model D tops them all in comfort and quality. This machine will perhaps last your entire lifetime for a mere nine hundred dollars. When you compare this cost to a commercial elliptical machine, a treadmill or a stair climber in the category of cardio machines, you will realize how affordable this machine actually is. Other machines may cost about five times this price.

You are not likely to find a better piece of equipment for an effective full body workout. This is the main reason why this machine is the preferred rowing choice among Crossfit’s machines. This machine is found in almost every prestigious commercial gym and it is the only rowing machine that many fitness retailers keep for sale.

Superior Design

It is the design of Concept 2 Model D that has made it very popular among users. It has been built in such a way that even the parts that get worn will last for various decades after constant use. Users will note that this particular rowing machine will not break down like many other rowers do. If this machine is used every day for many years to come, there will be no need to replace a seat or a bearing. Even when you want to replace, all parts are available readily at reasonable prices from Crossfit. The model is also backed with a handsome warranty. Many users upgrade this machine with a PM 4 Performance Monitor by paying an additional sum of one hundred and fifty dollars.


In addition to the calories and distance tracking, users will also have the ability to log down and keep a full track of the workout data. There are various other interesting accessories that cannot be found easily with other models. They include things such as polar heart rate monitors and their receivers. There are comfortable slides that make the indoor rowing experience feel like a real one.

Users will find that there are various options in terms of cardio exercise equipment out there but they will turn back to the merits of Crossfit’s Concept 2 Model D rower to keep themselves fully fit as this particular machine plays a highly instrumental part in their daily fitness regimen. It is a product that is worth its salt! Its dependability and its design have made it perhaps the best selling indoor rower in the world.

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