Cap Barbell Kettlebell Review

Cap Barbell Kettlebell Review

Looking to start exercise and become healthier?

Are you wanting to lift weights to tone your muscles but don’t know where to buy them?

Cap Barbell KettlebellKettlebells from CAP Barbell, a well-known exercise equipment corporation, might well be what you’re looking for.

Features of CAP Barbell Kettlebells

Kettlebells are weights that come in all shapes and sizes, but CAP Barbell is well-known for theirs.

Originally made for Russian soldiers, these kettlebells work beautifully at making people stronger and achieve better mobility and balance.

These kettlebells work all of your muscles and are designed to help your endurance for a variety of body movements such as throwing for example. It is great to limber up with this product before harsh exercise that will push your body to the absolute limit.

To avoid pulling any muscles you should always stretch beforehand just to be on the safe side.

The CAP barbell kettlebells come in weights ranging from 15 to 80 pounds. If you are just starting out, its better and recommended to begin with the 15 pound kettlebell to avoid strain or injury.

Unlike many other weights which tend to hurt your hands after a while, CAP kettlebells are made smooth with easy grips so exercising is as easy for you as possible. The handles are solid curves, designed for long periods of holding. They are quite versatile and durable so they will last a long time. Common exercises with these kettlebells include swings, squats, throws, and many more.

With a workout plan, you can gradually increase the weight as your body becomes stronger and more agile.

CAP Barbell is one of the leading distributors in exercise equipment. They have grown into a large company in over 20 years from starting at the bottom. They now have a huge variety of equipment to purchase and have a positive reputation.

Pro’s of CAP Barbell Kettlebells

The pro’s for their kettlebells are numerous.

Firstly, they have good prices. Some people have no idea where to buy kettlebells and end up paying a fortune. Many other places charge up to $50buy kettlebells for a 15 pound kettlebell but CAP frequently has sales and has sold kettlebells for only $16. You can buy kettlebells online at good prices.

Another good thing about them is exercise is not limited to one boring routine. When using kettlebells you can do wide variety of exercises so work outs are never dull. No one likes the same thing over and over.

The next CAP Barbell perk is they offer 30-day-warranties when you purchase. Warranties are always great things to have just in case, even though they are not likely to break. They are sturdy made with cast iron.

There is also no assembly required which is a big plus for those who don’t want to take time out of their day to set it up.

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Another great thing is there is room inside the handles for both hands. Two hands are definitely better than one and the exercise isn’t as hard on your body compared to doing it with one arm.

Cons of Cap Barbell Kettlebells

Now for the cons. One is if there are chips in the paint!

where to buy kettlebellsThis has been a complaint from some who have purchased a kettlebell online from CAP. It’s worth bearing in mind though that this complaint has been highlighted by only a very few who have purchased the Cap Barbell Kettlebell and you also have a warranty to fall back on if this happens to you.

Some have also claimed the quality is not as good as CAP claims, stating that when dropped handles break easily. Of course, they are not supposed to be dropped but accidents happen and when they do cast iron shouldn’t break. It has also been claimed by some customers that CAP Barbell tends to sell run-down kettlebells as new.

Another con is complaints about slow shipping and misshapen kettlebells. In some customer reviews it has been said that lighter ones have thicker handles than the heavier ones, or that the packaging box was delivered later than planned and damaged.

We would strongly recommend that, as with any fitness purchase, you inspect your product carefully when it is delivered to you.If you see or suspect any problems then get in touch with the company straight away to arrange a replacement.

Conclusion of CAP Barbell Kettlebells

In conclusion, CAP Barbell kettlebells satisfy most customers but not all.

No company is perfect but CAP Barbell has an overall good reputation for what it does and is highly recommended when in need of exercise equipment. Before purchasing any kettlebells online, always do research of your own and check reviews before deciding.

Customer Reviews on the CAP Barbell Kettlebell


Robert E. Matysiak (Maricopa, AZ)

“I looked around at the local sporting good stores for the right kettlebell to purchase, so I would have a resistance option at home in between my infrequent visits to the gym. I eventually decided to go with the CAP 35 pounder because from reviews, I had built up a preference for the smoother bells over the rougher ones. The CAP kettlebell is very smooth and the handle is very comfortable to hold. There are no rough edges or burrs to cut up your hands as you do the various movements. Most experts indicated that you would normally start at a weight of 35 pounds for a man…however, I’m not the man I thought I was because I probably would have been better off with a lighter weight…being an out of shape 62 year-old. However, that’s not the fault of the product. I am very pleased with it…”

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  Russell G. Moore (North Ridgeville, OH)

“Fifty pounds is fifty pounds, right? You’re buying fifty pounds. Well, here’s why this is the finest fifty pounds you can buy.
The free shipping from Amazon makes this a no-brainer. I’ve seen this exact kettlebell on other sites at a similar price but with shipping charges that more than double the cost. The finish is incredibly durable. The box this arrived in was…”

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  Armando N. Roman (Hillsboro, OR)

“After a few years of using a medicine ball, I started to wonder how different a kettlebell could be. I didn’t know -anything- about the little tool, and had never even seen anyone use one before. After listening to nothing but positive things about it on a podcast, I decided to give it a shot. With just one routine, I used muscles the medicine ball never worked, and here the kettlebell was 10 pounds lighter! I was super sore the next day and couldn’t even do my usual set of pushups! Things got more intense when I was sent a kettlebell workout dvd from the Vine Program, and it was through the beginner course that it became clear that this little sucker is for real.

CAP made an excellent kettlebell…”

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