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RBR started from our passion for Rowing Machines! Whilst Rowers are ideal for many, when you look around a gym you tend to notice that people generally have their favourite aerobic workout machines, mainly Rowers, Exercise Bikes & Treadmills.

This got us thinking, why are some people more inclined to put on their trainers, set the incline and run on a treadmill for 20 minutes as opposed to sitting on a rower and watching a fish being chased by a shark on the machines monitor! We even noticed that some people would cycle to the gym and then jump on an exercise bike for an hour before cycling home again! What is this madness?

So, whether to Row, Bike or Run? That is of course up to you but RBR Fitness would like to guide you a bit on that journey!

Great Articles on Indoor Rowing, Exercise Bikes and Treadmills

We have some great articles on all 3 forms of exercise, everything from how to choose a good quality second hand rower to general fitness guides and routines that you can print out and use, for free of course! We love your feedback and encourage you to let us know when we have got it right or when we’ve had a slip up! Fitness advice is of course just that, advice, and quite often there isn’t one solution that fits all. However, as a community, it’s important to make sure different opinions and views are heard and seen, it benefits us all. Please feel free to leave comments against articles or get in touch for something more specific.

RBR will always try to be as impartial as possible towards the products we recommend or review. Sometimes however this can be difficult! Take rowing machines for example, we are naturally biased to the Concept range of rowing machines, and we can’t help it! However, in a way this can be an advantage, because we are so accustomed to using this model of rower, advantages that other makes do have tend to stick out and we can pass this information direct to you.

Fitness Equipment to suit any Budget

We have done our best to cater for all budgets when advising on fitness equipment purchases.  One size doesn’t fit all and everyone has different priorities, for instance:

  • How much will this cost me?
  • I really don’t have much space, is this the right piece of equipment for me?
  • I have terrible problems with my back/knees/neck etc. and want to get into some form of fitness, any advice?
  • How do I maintain this equipment, is it difficult and/or expensive?

Of course, the list could go on! RBR is not going to be able to answer every question straight away but we do have the resources and contacts to find that advice for you, and quickly.  You might find that another member can help as well and quite often nothing beats personal experience, that’s what this community is all about.

Second Hand Fitness Equipment

Buying second hand can be the winner’s choice but only with good research and/or a bit of luck! We believe you make your own luck if you plan well and this is where RBR fitness comes in.

Using our own experience with used fitness equipment and a very keen interest in the second hand market, we can point you in the right direction to make that sound and knowledgeable purchase. Like most things second hand, there are signs you can look out for to gauge the condition and suitability of the item even before you view it (if you see it at all before buying!).  We’ll give you this information, help you to know what to look for and good places to start the search.

Preventing Injuries

Who isn’t guilty of skipping the odd stretch and warm-up here and there?

Let us show you how to reduce the time it takes to carry out an effective yet interesting warm-up, stretch and warm-down (or cool-down!). We can’t stress strongly enough the importance in conditioning your body for exercise.  There are plenty of people who suffer from painful back, neck and other injuries resulting from ‘jumping on the rower’ or ‘leaping on the treadmill’.  Strenuous exercise requires the body to be prepared for action, we’ll show you how.

Muscle Groups

What does the rower do for your body that the exercise bike doesn’t? Will a treadmill work all my major muscle groups?  There’s a lot of myth out there, let RBR take you through what each piece of equipment can do for you and how they affect your muscle groups.

We understand that different people want different things from exercise; we’ll give you the advice so you can decide what is best for you.

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