A Comparison of WaterRower versus Concept 2 D Rowing Machines

A Comparison of WaterRower versus Concept 2 D Rowing Machines



The WaterRower and Concept 2D are both great investments as rowing machines. They may have separate market niches but they can be recommended to people who care much about maximizing their training instead of aesthetics and space. For those who have back trouble, the Concept 2D will suit them ergonomically. The WaterRower is also good for exercising and tones up the lower back muscles. It may work wonders for those who have chronic knee trouble. It gives a natural experience when you row. You will not be able to go wrong with either machine unless you are looking for specific needs. Here is a detailed comparison.


Concept 2 Model D

Observations Ideal for those who bother about aesthetics, noise factor and storage space. Compression is easy on your knees. Assembly will take close to half an hour. Ideal for those who bother about training to capacity and are not concerned with the noise factor. It is easy on the lower back with the forward tilt. It can be assembles easily within a matter of ten minutes.
Characteristics Water Rower Air Rower
Noise Factor Silent strap with an acoustically pleasant sound of water. Air noise is considerable with a loud fan, giving a sawing sensation rather than a rowing one.
Longevity Built to long last and for athletic clubs use. Well built and highly durable.
User Experience and Rowing Feel Resistance at the catch is tough and may recede on acceleration to pick up at the end again. Variable resistance with an ability to adjust the volume of water in the tank. Softer handle and seat when compared with Concept 2. The catch is considerably easy and the resistance increases in a smooth way throughout acceleration. Variable resistance offered with an adjustment of the baffle to the flywheel. Mid-stroke is better than the WaterRower.
Design Features Made mostly out of wood and can fit easily in a living room. It has plastic slides on top of a couple of wooden rails. It has an aluminum rail with a stainless steel slide for the seat to roll.
Storage Ease It is built to be stored upright on its end; takes up little space; can be picked up easily from its back and wheeled around. It is not compact to be stored easily.
Monitor Support It offers elementary functions for a standard workout but experts do not find it sophisticated. All units do not come equipped with a heart rate monitor. PM3 or PM4 heart rate monitor is provided with a chest strap. Performance measurement is accurate and this makes it easy to compete with other rowers online.
Physical Mechanism It uses a strap that is silent. The water tank dampens the strokes. Seat rolls are made of plastic on wooden slides. It uses a chain and the fan is loud and noisy. It can be turned to an advantage as it offers you sound feedback on the strokes. Seat will ride on steel rollers on aluminum slide.
Ergonomics Flat rail offer less compression on the knees, making it good for people who have chronic knee pain. Seat has backward tilt and that puts pressure on the lower back. They are not so well designed. They are made of molded plastic that catches and sharp edges make it difficult to row without wearing shoes. Has a forward tilt. Seat is tipped forward to make it better for people who have lower back problems. It has molded plastic that has a curved floating heel to lift them easily. People can row comfortably without wearing shoes.
Customer Support Competent long term customer support service. Competent long term customer support service.


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